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Project Sharda
Status: Completed

The Project "SHARADA" aims to bridge the digital divide and the obligatory function of MCD The Primary Education. The MCD is committed to improve the standard of Nursery and Primary Education qualitatively as well as qualitatively for the harmonious development of children and has initiated the deployment of modern teaching techniques for improving the standard of Primary Education. MCD runs about 1820 primary schools catering 9 lacs students in NCT area.

The Project Objective
  • Joyful and Effective Learning.
  • Going to School Mission : Increase in enrollment.
  • Retention : Increase in holding passes school by making learning interesting & motivated.
  • Making Education simple interactive & Participatory.
  • Enhancing the child power to understand innovate and to achieve.
  • Making the Child of MCD schools competitive.
  • Providing education to real habitat of republic of India.
Best example of public private partnership

The Project "SHARADA" was implementation on Public-Private Partnership Model through extrusive selection process of 7-8 months by NIT call from and 8-10 companies have responded. Two tenders MCS (Pvt. Company) & NICT (NGO) were selected after technical and commercial evaluation. The tender and the selection process were conducted by "ICICI InfoTech" as consultant to the committee of MCD.

NICT (NGO) was allotted two groups on Comparative Bid
  • Group "B"
  • Group "D"

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