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Online Bill Collection 20 zones - Indore City

Goal : To open energy bill collection counter at all the 20 zone of MPPKVVCL in Indore city.

Scope :

Collection operator of NICT take the bill and bill amount from the MPEB consumer and give the computerized slip of payment after entry on the software of NICT.

Employees and their roles :

In current model we appointed an operator for each zone and two cash colletion agent one for five zone and one supervisor for all zone to monitor their activities, hardware/software and MPEB related issues.

Role and responsibility of each operator :

Each operator has to take the bill and their amount from the consumer and give the computerized print receipt to consumer in the duty hours 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Role and responsibility of each cash collector :

Each Cash Collector collect the amount from operator and deposit in the given bank account of the NICT and also collect the stubs (the counter part of bill) for MPEB at the end of the day. They also helps us to provide the stationary at each zone.

Role and responsibility of supervisor :

Supervisor watches the activity of our operator and their activities for the same and suddenly visits the zones. Supervisor is also the responsible person for hardware/software, zone and MPEB related issues.