Unique Identification Authority Of India (UIDAI MP CSC)

UIDAI Agreement:

NICT and CSC (Common Service Centre) e-Governance Services India Limited, New Delhi, had a joint venture for Permanent Enrollment centre for UIDAI. Agreement is singed between CSC SPV e-Governance Services India and NICT on 18th of December 2012. Govt. of India and UIDAI has appointed CSC SPV e-Governance Services India as registrar and NICT has been appointed to do work in INDORE, UJJAIN Zone for UIDAI .

UIDAI project:

Under this agreement CSC (Common Service Centre) has been engaged for Unique Identification Authority (Aadhaar) as a permanent enrollment centre. Where a beneficiary can enroll him self (In this enrollment process beneficiary Demographic and Biometric data is captured through a Registered Operator/Supervisor) and get his EID no of 14 digit. In this permanent centers beneficiary can change his Bio Metric and Demographic data time to time.

Documents Required for Enrollment-

  • Date of Birth Proof
  • Proof of Identity
  • Proof of Address
Some Benefits of AADHAAR :
  • LPG Subsidy
  • Scholarship
  • Pension
  • All India Valid Number for Identification
  • Bank Account opening and Transaction

And many more Benefits of Aadhaar in Government sector and non-government sector For More Information on UIDAI Visit UIDAI Portal www.uidai.gov.in or call Toll Free No 180-300-1947