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NICT has launched a Booklet & Mobile Application for Road Sign
Status: Completed

SADAK SANKET is one of the unique traffic signal catalogue on mobile. It provide contents of road sign knowledge to individual through mobile. The road safety is very important for an individual and with new bypass Four and Six lane highways coming up across the country, it is important that the awareness of road sign should be sensitized and a massive mass campaign is required and mobile is one of the best way to do so. .

Why Road Sign ?

With the growing population, size of cities, Six and Four lane highways, the developing India is now slowly moving to a developed country but just by building infrastructures is not sufficient to be a developed country. The citizens with civic discipline is very important because all infrastructure is for the life. If there is life you can use those infrastructures. NICT being working in the area of ICT for development has taken up the project of providing road safety, road rule, sensitization for masses.

On Mobile Phone

SADAK SANKET is a user friendly ready reckoner, for road signs it provides an opportunity for individual to go through practice from his mobile which is in his hand for not less than 10-15 hrs in a day. The whole concept is to provide a simple go through in a user friendly manner which an individual can use while traveling, office breaks, tea breaks and will get more sensitized towards the road safety and the signs.